How to Find the Right Bra

by Arash Mazinani on June 26, 2010

I have a guest writer for this particular post, my girlfriend, she’s had lots of experience fitting bras and finding the right lingerie for ladies while working for Harvey Nichols. So with out further ado…

Underwear as outerwear is one of this season’s biggest trends but can you believe that 80% of women in the UK aren’t wearing the correct size bra? I hear you gasp, but it is completely true. A well fitting bra can make you look slimmer, be more comfortable and ultimately make you feel more confident. Bras come in a number of different styles and sizes which makes the lingerie world a very confusing place.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get measured regularly and find a bra that fits. A poor fitting bra can cause many problems, including back and neck pain, poor posture, and…I hate to say it but, breasts that are heading towards the floor. Eeek. Most definitely something that us ladies do not want to happen.

So, imagine the scene – you’re in a fitting room, usually a very cramped fitting room, with a selection of lingerie. How on earth do you find the correct fit?

Firstly, please loosen the straps to their maximum, these can be altered once you have found that the cup is the right fit. Always put your breasts into the cups before fastening on the back. A tricky manoeuvre but this will stop your bra from stretching.

Check that the underwire is not sitting on any breast tissue as this can cause some painful problems. A good way of doing this is to lightly press on top of the wire, if it feels soft this means it is on delicate tissue and does not fit, if it is hard when pressed, perfect it is sitting on your rib cage. The centre of the bra should be sitting sturdy against your chest, if this isn’t happening try a larger cup.

If you find you have a four breast scenario, (your breasts are escaping the cup and forming two extra breasts) then you definitely need a larger cup size.

Many women tighten their straps to give lift to their breast, this is incorrect. If you are wearing the correct back size then your chest will be held in the right place. If you can pull your back strap more than an inch away from your body then it might be worth trying a smaller size.

The most important advise I can give is that you feel comfortable. Grab a second opinion from a friend or a sales advisor, please don’t be afraid. We don’t bite and we want you to feel comfortable and confident.

There are three main categories of bra -

Balconette : This style cuts straight across the breast and provides uplift to the chest. This style is really good for women who have lost the fullness of their bust.

Full cup : The full cup bra covers majority of the breast and is often designed for a larger cup size as it gives great support.

Plunge : This style is named the plunge because of the steep cut of the cup. The plunge is worn to really enhance the cleavage. The deep ‘V’ leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

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